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To Go Beyond the Act of Transacting to Building Professional and Meaningful Relationships With the Clients We Serve, to Ensure that  the  Results are Forward Thinking, Impactive and Successful.

Our Core Values:

INTEGRITY - We believe solid relationships develop from transparency, honesty and trust. 

EXPANSIVE MINDSET -  We believe that the best work comes from the ability to effectively mix our skills with creativity and our Intuition with Knowledge;                    DEEP LISTENING - We want to hear with understanding what our clients are saying (and can't express but desire...), to ensure we understand exactly how to best serve them.                                                                              VALUES FOLLOW PROFIT - We believe that sustainable profit building is achievable without doing harm to our planet and its inhabitants .                                          GRATITUDE -  It is important that we serve our clients  with an attitude of joy & gratitude; we are not solely interested in transacting with our clients.  We want to build lasting positive relationships with the people we serve.

About Another Way Enterprises:

AWE is an independent - value-driven company, namely focused on providing Marketing & Flying With Broken Wings™/FWBW™ Transformative Coaching services.   As impactive, forward thinking, skilled-base creatives, we’ve learned just how and when to combine our professional Knowledge, skill-sets, intuition and imaginations.  Thus far we have successfully helped thousands of individuals, businesses leaders and organizations in the USA and abroad achieve their goals.

AWE’s core values of mixing skills with creativity and intuition with knowledge; listening to hear not to Know; serving clients joyfully;  setting the bar high then finding the way to leap over it;  while staying true to our belief, that sustainable profit building is achievable without doing harm to our planet and its inhabitants have served both our clients and AWE well!  These values are AWE’s DNA and determines the way we build our business and our business relationships.  Our sweet spot and joy comes from being a catalyst for societal change and servicing a wide range of clients engaged in value-driven ideas, products and services.