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About AWEAbout Sanviki Chapman  

"What a joy to arrive at a place where your passion, work and values coexist." -Sanviki Chapman     

Sanviki, is Marketing and Transformative Coach, Consultant and Strategist, (who is often called  "a visionary and highly intuitive strategist.")  She created Another Way Enterprises/AWE in 1984, (originally named, Chapman Productions), during a time when "socially responsible" business practices were rarely thought of.  AWE's major business concept came about while Sanviki was reflecting on how to merge AWE'S business model with her values and her belief, "that it is possible to become a highly successful business without doing intentional harm to the planet or its inhabitants,"

Sanviki predicates AWE's success in her belief that doing business had to extend beyond the primary focus of profit-making;  she sort to build lasting business relationships with her clients by delivering superior services, as well as being a catalyst for positive business practices and societal transformation.  She coined the business practice, "Meta-producing".

Sanviki has both a Bachelor of Arts Degree, (cum laude) - and Master's Degree from Long Island University. Besides being a Marketing and Coaching Strategist and Consultant, Sanviki is also a New York State Certified Educator and Conflict Resolution Trainer. She enjoys finding ways to synthesize and uses her extensive experience in business, creative arts, spirituality, and human development to transform and enhance both the values and profit outcomes of businesses in America and abroad.