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AWE’S Marketing Consultancy and Coaching Services:


Impactive Marketing, Advertising, Branding Strategies & Consultancy Services

Flying With Broken Wings™/FWBW™ Transformative Coaching Services for Businesses, Organizations and Individuals.              

Fresh and Impactive Short Copy with Layout Concepts for Print Ads or Other Forms of Promotional Materials,

Designed to Effectively "Speak to and Not at Consumers."                                                                                              

Create Names for Products, Services and Companies that Clarify and Define their Uniqueness. 

Design Promotional E-Flyers Concepts, Layouts and Copy for a wide-range of  events, products and/or services.       

Write Lyrics & Promotional Jingles in all Genres.  

Video Production and Direction Services. 

Service & Business App Concepts, Development and Design.

Strategic Consultations for Businesses and Organizations to Guide, Transform, Include, and/or Support their Shifting to the use of Sustainable Value-Based Products and Services.